"This company has always been researching about how to give an access to consumers, starting to ask why something must be done like that."
Why must safe food materials be used?
  • The most fundamental food management starts from managing materials.
  • Fresh and safe food materials are hardly exposed to hazardous factors and contain many nutrients good for our body so that children can safely eat food.
Why must processing and already-made products be managed?
  • It goes without saying that products of even fresh and clean food materials almost lose trust from consumers if the place and process to produce those products are bad.
  • We always make efforts to produce better food products through constant management and analysis even before and after all our products are delivered to consumers.
Why must Kimchi, a Korean traditional food, be researched and developed (R&D)?
  • Kimchi is Korea's major food and at the same time, is an amazingly scientific and delicate food.
  • We make steadfast efforts to maximize the strengths of Kimchi, research and develop (R&D) and improve weak points which might cause aversion to consumers so that food products leaving deep memories to people all around the globe as well as to Koreans could hit the shelf of markets and Kimchi could be accessed in various ways.
    This is a challenging task for us to solve.